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Story & History

During a walk in Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu, Solo, Central Java, we came across an abandoned factory complex - a building that turned out to be a Citronella distillery facility established in 1963. Intrigued by the remaining facility and the unusual façade of the factory, we decided to dig deeper into its history.


The distillery factory—once intended to be the biggest in Asia - was a silent witness of the economic cooperation between Indonesia and Bulgaria. Plumbon village was selected as the site location due to its natural potentials that fit the planting of essential oil's ingredients. The water source that is critical to the distillation process was also available in large quantities from a river close by. With more than 30,000 typical plants for essential oils, Indonesia was a magnet for essential oil production and development in Asia, even in the world.


The factory went through a series of ownership exchanges until PT. Rumah Atsiri Indonesia decided to take over the establishment in 2015 and revived it today. We believe that the complex and its surrounding village was a reminder of Indonesia's abundance and potential to play an essential role in the global economy. We feel responsible for preserving and reviving the knowledge, skills, and innovation related to essential oils in Indonesia through edu-recreation, research, development, production, training, and provide a marketplace in Rumah Atsiri Indonesia.

The factory’s journey—from its establishment in 1963 to its revival by PT. Rumah Atsiri Indonesia—symbolizes the vibrant history and potential of essential oil production in Indonesia. We are proud to contribute to this legacy.

Spirit of Place: Aroma

All starts with creating the physical space that integrates with the land and the existing environment.

Every place has a story, one that reflects its geography identity, history, purpose, culture, and people. Rumah Atsiri was born out of that story.

We believe that preserving the heritage and the true characters of a place is what leads us to our DNA. 


The first agreement between two governments, Indonesia and Bulgaria was initiated and created.


The first Indonesian embassy in Bulgaria was created to support the partnership between the two countries.


Establishment of 'Citronella' Essential Oil factory in Tawangmangu as an implementation of the collaboration between Techno Export Bulgaria and PNPR (Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise) Kimia Yasa Indonesia.


The Citronella Factory was taken over by PT. Rumah Atsiri Indonesia. Renovation began on early 2016.


Rumah Atsiri Indonesia first opened its doors to visitors on mid 2018.


The liquidation of the Citronella plant was taken over by PT. Intan Purnama Sejati.

Rumah Atsiri's Timelines

The silent witness of the economic cooperation between Indonesia and Bulgaria

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