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Meet The Team

Founder & Brand Director

Natasha Clairine

Natasha is the soul and creative force behind every aspect of Rumah Atsiri, both in its offline and online presence. As the founder and brand director, Natasha holds responsibility for overseeing all communications and operations of Rumah Atsiri. Drawing on her expertise in business management and marketing, she ensures the successful implementation of strategies and guides the company towards its vision and objectives. Her expertise is maintaining the essence and integrity of the brand while ensuring its commercial success.

Founder & Conceptor

Paulus Mintarga

Paulus Mintarga is a prominent figure in the field of 'creative & green hospitality' design and serves as the founder, conceptor, and master planner of Rumah Atsiri. His journey commenced with the creation of his first eco-boutique hotel, Rumah Turi, located in Solo. Building on this accomplishment, he established Rempah Rumah Karya, a creative space dedicated to promoting the use of local materials and waste management practices. Another notable project in his portfolio is the Greenhost Hotel in Yogyakarta. Additionally, Paulus Mintarga has held the position of former chairman of the Indonesia Creative Cities Network and played a key role in founding Indonesia Wellness Institute.

Corporate Representative

Dewanti Subijantoro

Tylla is the corporate representative with 18 years of experience; one is in the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO). She led a team of international democratic governance advisors, which received the prestigious Greening The UN award for two consecutive years.

Director, Wellness

Dewi Soesilowati

Dewi is the wellness manager with 20 years of experience. She obtained advanced acupuncture and moxibustion certificates from the prestigious China Academy of TCM.

General Manager

Yunierlita Ginting

Yuni plays a crucial role in managing everything operational at Rumah Atsiri. She is responsible for the entire experience at Rumah Atsiri, from the initial welcome to the final farewell, ensuring a delightful and satisfying experience for every visitor.

Manager, Human Capital Management

Sri Rejeki Swandayani

Sri, affectionately known as Iik, is the very first employee to join the organization, she stands as a maternal pillar in the organization and plays a pivotal role, overseeing teams and conducting essential training sessions.

Manager, Site Development & Architect

Arleta Rachma

Arleta plays a pivotal role in optimizing the functionality of our premises and strategically planning for future development that aligns with the company's objectives.

Manager, Impact

Marietta Zahra

Zahra plays a crucial role in ensuring that the organisation's operations, products, and services have a positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

Junior Art Director

Rachel Tampubolon

Rachel holds a key position in overseeing all visual aspects and design at Rumah Atsiri. Her role is instrumental in ensuring that every visual element reflects the aesthetic and brand of Rumah Atsiri in a consistent and engaging manner.

Manager, Social Media

Kezia Calesta

Kezia plays an essential role in managing and growing Rumah Atsiri's presence across various social media platforms. Her focus is on ensuring that we always connect better with our audiences and utilize social media as the platform to build and nurture our community.

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