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Finding the Harmony with Human Design

Human Design, discovered in 1987, is a system that explains how individuals function and evolve. It offers us a way to navigate the diverse range of talents, abilities, and behaviours we possess, including the areas within ourselves that are easily influenced by others.

From the moment we're born, each of us comes with a special blueprint, like a helpful guide for making decisions, building relationships, and aligning with yourself. Human Design is your map to self-discovery, helping you remain true to yourself and fostering understanding of those around you.

When people learn about their Human Design Type, it can transform their perspective on life. Understanding their Profile helps them gain more confidence and competence in decision-making. Additionally, discovering their Inner Authority allows them to make choices with greater self-assurance and trust.

Five Main Types of Embodiments in Human Design

Based on Human Design, there are five main types of people. Each type has its own aura, strategy, and decision-making approach, shaping their life experience and journey towards self-discovery.


About 8% of the world’s population is Manifestors. The natural-born leaders and initiators. They thrive when given the autonomy to act on their visions and ideas.


About 35% of the world’s population is Generators. The builders and sustainers with an innate drive to create and respond to life's opportunities and challenges.

Manifesting Generators

About 35% of the world’s population is Manifesting Generators. A hybrid type that has the ability to multitask and adapt, excelling in various domains simultaneously.


About 21% of the world’s population is Projectors. The guides and strategists. They thrive when they are recognized and invited into decision-making processes.


About 1% of the world’s population is Reflectors. The rarest and most enigmatic type that embodies the qualities of adaptability and transformation.

Human Design & Essential Oils

Human Design and essential oils are both part of the energy world. They work on our physical bodies and also on a deeper level called quantum. They can help us get rid of distortions and inflammation caused by conditioning, break bad habits, and free ourselves from specific addictions. They can align us with our true selves, our authentic nature.

Imagine meeting a dear friend you haven't seen in a long time. Feel the happiness of reconnecting with them, and imagine wanting to have a long, meaningful conversation. That's similar to the special connection we have with essential oils. When we use them, they affect us energetically through our nerves, sense of smell, and breathing. This is when we have the chance to align ourselves and let go of the conditioning we've experienced.

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