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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

Aromatic Wellness


Pivoted around a restored Indonesian-Bulgarian Citronella Factory from 1963, Rumah Atsiri Indonesia is now transformed to house various activities related to holistic wellness, essential oil education, recreation, research & development, and production activities.

Rumah Atsiri

An integrated complex with museum, workshop, restaurant, restaurant, well-club, shops & many more!

Aromatic Wellness Destination

Atsiri Glamping

 Personalized programs and experiences during your stay at our glamorous tents.

Nature-Immersed Wellness Journey

Atsiri Shop

From Indonesian exotic oils to perfumes, we provide a wide selection of natural products.

Aromatic Shop

Atsiri Glamping - An Aromatic Wellness Journey

Meant to take you deeper into a holistic aromatic wellness journey based on your own
pace and needs.


Atsiri Glamping offers various personalized programs with elevated modern camping
experience as your accommodation.

Aromatic Wellness

Nourish yourself with the wonders of essential oils, herbs, and natural remedies while promoting a balanced connection between your mind, body, and spirit.


The purpose of each activities is to promote balanced well-being: from yoga, morning trekking, mindful tisane, and aromatherapy massage.


Facilitated with the resort-style service, you can join the special workshop, pamper yourself with the in-room therapies or even buy souvenirs in Atsiri Glamping Shop.


Discover the tips for your balanced lifestyle!

Atsiri Day Trip

Outdoor Activities & Tour

Groups & Schools

Complete Wellness Program

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Oct. 4th 2023

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Atsiri Products

Made from the finest raw materials combined with the diverse exotic Indonesian culture, our creations are imprinted with distinctive signatures to delight the sense of smell.

Browse our essential oils & natural products

Rumah Atsiri Classes & Workshop

Rumah Atsiri Lab is a well-equipped science laboratory that hosts various essential oil-related workshops for children and adults. Visitors who wish to make their essential-oil-based products can join the classes that accommodate each participant’s different abilities and interests.

Opening Hours: 11.00 - 17.oo

• Available every hour

•Contact us for our monthly schedule

Rumah Atsiri Museum

The history of essential oils stretches back to as early as 2,000 BC. Follow the journey of discovering essential oils and how they spread all over the world, especially Indonesia. Find out the history behind Indonesia's dream to be one of the most prominent players in the world's essential oil industry.

Operational Hours: 10.00 - 16.30

• Tour Guided

• 30 - 45 mins

The Gardens

With more than 120 essential oil plants from Indonesia and abroad, each with its own enticing story, fragrance, and characteristics, this garden has the most diverse collection of essential oil plants. You can smell or taste some plants with guidance from our educators. They will gladly assist the visitors to decide which bark, leaves, or petals to pluck.

Opening Hours: 10.00 - 17.00

• Self Walk/ Tour Guided

• 45 - 60 mins

What to do?

Inside Rumah Atsiri

During a stroll in the Plumbon village, we stumbled upon a relic from the past. It was an abandoned Citronella distillery, lying dormant since 1963, and this intriguing discovery marked the beginning of our journey.

The silent witness of the economic cooperation between Indonesia and Bulgaria.


We are heavily reliant on the balance of natural systems, thus, we believe in constructing and adhering to a forward-thinking sustainable development roadmap.


The core of our mission, the foundation, and the reason behind our actions.


The identity and "Spirit of Place" of Rumah Atsiri serves as its unique DNA

Our Core Contents & Story